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Land With a Guarantee
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When you buy from Field & Country you get our 100% satisfaction, 100% principal back 90 day guarantee.

The 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you are completely protected when you purchase rural land through Field & Country.

If you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your principal paid or exchange the property for any other land in our portfolio.

We know that buying land over the internet is not something you do every day. We stand behind every property we sell, but you are the final judge of whether it is the right property for you.

On an installment sale – a.k.a., owner financing – we will refund your principal paid or exchange for another property in inventory based on the price you paid for the property excluding any fees (i.e., closing costs, doc fees, note maintenance fees and taxes).

Any late or missed payments by the buyer during the Guarantee period will automatically void the Guarantee. It’s simple, you keep your end of the deal and we’ll keep ours.

We also offer a one-year exchange policy – if at any time within one year you decide that you’d prefer a different property, you can exchange your property for any other property we have available, and get full credit for all of the principal paid.

Guarantee must be exercised prior to property being deeded to you.

Not applicable to cash sales.