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About Field & Country

From vast landscapes, open fields, and natural beauty to the wild, wide-open spaces that make the outdoors so appealing…

Land of one’s own brings about a feeling – a timeless quality – a sense of freedom, exploration, adventure and connection to the natural world.

Imagine rolling hills and dewy grass, a bright blue sky and the sense of tranquility that comes from being in a place of scenic wonder.

It’s a feeling and the pride that comes from ownership of land that is truly yours. Maybe it’s a a special kind of nostalgia, but this is why we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to own land: Field & Country was founded to make that possible.

We’re on a mission to make the process of finding and purchasing vacant land online simple, affordable, and transparent.

Field & Country makes affordable, rural land within reality for nearly anyone by offering properties on simple and affordable monthly terms via owner financing that doesn’t involve a credit check.

Land is a finite resource, which cannot be manufactured, printed, cloned, counterfeited, or stolen. Everyone should strive to add land to their portfolio, and we aim to make that a reality. 

Whether you want land for hunting, camping, a home, legacy, investment, or your own private off-the-grid place to relax in solitude, land is an investment that lasts forever and can be passed on from generation to generation – owning land is the smartest investment a person can make.

When you buy land from Field & Country, you automatically get our 90-day money-back guarantee on all land we sell, so you can buy with confidence that you’ll love your new property.

Please reach out with any questions, via our Contact Us page.