Field & Country vacant land sellers

Become a land owner for as little as $99 down.

Land Investing the Easy Way

It’s never been easier to make the dream of property ownership come true, quickly and without the hassles of a traditional mortgage from a bank or finance company.

Field & Country specializes in desirable undeveloped and rural land, plus unique owner financing.

  • Everybody Qualifies, no credit checks

  • Flexible Payment Terms, easy no-hassle transactions

  • Money Back Guarantee, 100% satisfaction 90 day guarantee

With only $99 down, you can purchase property. And payments range from as little as $99 a month to $500 month. And you get a land contract guaranteeing the property is free and clear of any liens or encumbrances.

  • No Interest, just simple automated monthly payments

  • No Pre-Payment Penalty, pay your minimum or more without hassle

  • Use Land Today, start using your property immediately

Yes, you can afford to buy your homestead or investment property-with low money down and easy monthly payments. Close digitally so you don’t even have to leave your house.

Are you ready to find your perfect rural property today? Browse Field & Country Inventory to get started!

How to Purchase Property

Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Select a Property

Choose a parcel from the inventory listed on this site.

Step 1

Step 2

Down Payment

Pay a small down payment to reserve the property.

Pick a payment option and fill out the form. We will then prepare and send the paperwork for your review in 24-48 hours to your email on the form.

Step 2

Step 3

Close on Property

When paying by cash – the parcel is deeded to you after full payment.

When you are purchasing on terms/owner financing, we send you the terms agreement and the parcel is deeded to you once you pay in full.

Congratulations on becoming a landowner.

Step 3

Owner Financing

The Owner Financing Process from Down Payment to Taking Title

When you take advantage of the financing option on the property you want to purchase, your down payment reserves the property and secures it so no one else can buy it.

Once we receive your down payment, our team will prepare three documents that need to be digitally signed by you: (1) Purchase Sale Agreement; (2) Land Contract; (3) Promissory Note.

After these documents are signed, you can begin enjoying your new land immediately.

Upon receipt of your final monthly payment, when your balance is paid in full, our team will prepare a new Deed and transfer the legal Title to you. At that point, you will officially own the land. 

The original investment vehicle, land.

Why Invest in Raw Land?

Ownership Costs

Unlike developed real estate, there are no structures to maintain or pay taxes on.


You can use the property recreationally even as it appreciates in value.

Value Appreciation

You can help control the land’s value by intelligently choosing to make certain improvements.

Land Lasts Forever

You can easily pass the property down to your heirs. Investing in land is the only true investment that will last forever. It is a long-term tangible asset that does not wear out, does not go away and nothing can be broken, stolen or destroyed. You can confidently pass it down to your children and grandchildren and know that they are inheriting a valuable piece of property that they can continue to enjoy for generations.


You can use the land as an “off-the-grid” home or vacation property, or a retreat in case of civil unrest or natural disaster.

Scarcity Means Opportunity

As the U.S. population grows, undeveloped land gets more and more scarce (and possibly more and more valuable.) As the population continues to grow, raw land will continue to appreciate and become more valuable with the passage of time.